This one day workshop will focus on developing your skills and techniques in listening that will offer your employees greater clarity and empathy.


Listening is the most fundamental component of interpersonal communication skills. Active listening is to fully concentrate of what is being said rather than just hearing the message of the speaker. It involves listening with all senses and giving attention to the speaker. How well you listen has a major impact on your job effectiveness and on the quality of your relationships with others.

By becoming a better listener, you can improve your productivity and also your ability to influence, persuade and negotiate. In addition, you can avoid conflict and misunderstandings. It may also encourage employees to speak regularly and openly about issues at work resulting in a more transparent workplace. All these are necessary for workplace success!

This one day workshop will focus on developing your skills and techniques in listening that will offer your employees greater clarity and empathy. You will learn how each skill set will enable you as a manager to be more effective and impactful to lead your team!

Course Details:



• To understand the difference between active listening and hearing.


• To be able to communicate effectively with your employees.


• To recognize the barriers of listening.


• To understand how the essentials skills of active listening can effectively lead you and your team to a higher level of success.


• To reduce misunderstandings and conflicts at work.


• To improve productivity and less “do-overs”.


• To learn and apply the techniques of listening skills.


I. Difference between active listening and hearing

• Understand the 4 basic levels of hearing and listening


II. Value of listening

• Benefits to take into consideration for the listener and the speaker


III. The 3 levels of listening (Discussion)

• Level 1- internal listening

• Level 2- focused listening

• Level 3- whole body listening


IV. The 3 A’s of listening (Pair work)

• Attention

• Attitude

• Adjustment


V. The 5 stages of listening (Group work)

• Understanding the listening process

• Breakdown of each listening process


VI. The 3 degrees of active listening (Activity)

• Repeating

• Paraphrasing

• Reflecting


VII. Barriers to effective listening (Activity)

• Ten barriers to effective active listening

• How to overcome these barriers


VIII. Becoming an active listener

• Five key active listening techniques

• How to apply these techniques in your daily lives


IX. Verbal and non verbal signs of active listening skills

• Interpreting the non verbal signs

• Practising the verbal signs


X. Your Voice (Activity)

• Know the 5Ps of communication

• Determining the strengths and weaknesses in your voice

• The power of words

Who should attend

• Managers, supervisors, executives, team leaders, front liners.



• Role Play
• Presentation
• Exercises
• Discussion
• Group Work
• Case Studies


Kay Nalla has dedicated 18 years of her life training staffs and colleagues on customer service, personal grooming and make up and selling techniques while performing her managerial duties in the sales and marketing field. Her love and passion to interact with people propelled her to work in travel agencies, various hotels (F&B, room sales & banquet), The Singapore Changi Airport and well established spas like Clarins, Haach and Bonafides.

Kay’s responsibilities include managing all aspects from recruiting new staffs, training them to their best potential, implementing effective promotions to accomplish the sales revenue for the outlet, managing customer’s needs and wants and also holding talks for the clients on various beneficial topics including body language, active listening skills and more. Her extensive experience and knowledge in the hospitality arena coupled with her genuine desire to share has made her a much sought after speaker.

Kay was invited to hold talks and conduct workshops for government bodies, country clubs, hospitals, banks, spas and other sectors including Singapore Police Force, Singapore Girl’s Home, Singapore Changi Prison, Panasonic, Rendezvous Hotel and more.

Kay is a MOE approved and certified ACTA trainer. She holds a Diploma in Travel and Ticketing (IATA/UFTAA), Diploma in Aesthetics (Beauty), NITEC in Face Care, LCCI in Marketing and possesses a Certificate for Personal Grooming. She was also awarded a Super host Certificate from The Singapore Tourism Board.

Administrative Details:

Scheduled Dates

• Date to be advised  (1st Run)


• S$ 350 per participant

• S$ 300 per participant for 2 or more participants from the same organisation


• 9 am - 5 pm


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Buffet lunch with vegetarian & halal options


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the workshop.


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