One of the keys to personal and professional success is the ability to present well in front of others.


Whether you are persuading colleagues, selling a client or energizing a team, the power of your presentation skills makes the difference between success and failure.

This one day program is designed to enable participants to communicate with confidence, speak with style and present with power. Combining story-telling techniques visualization and presentation skills, the workshop allows participants to fully utilize their imagination to its maximum.

All participants will have their chance to engage in fun voice and speech exercises and drills throughout the program.

Course Details:



• To build self-confidence and overcome stage fright

• To enhance verbal and nonverbal delivery skills

• To improve vocal expressions (impact, tone, variety, etc)

• To develop creative structures & organizing your material

• To enhance audience and speaker connection

• To improve visual impact in speech delivery


I. Voice Projection for Speech

• Understanding your vocal instrument

• Projecting your voice correctly

• Using diaphragmatic support in speech

• Using voice to project confidence and authority


II. Making Speech Alive

• Create Vocal Dynamics in Presentation

• Words and Syllable Stress

• Speech Intonation

• Effective storytelling skills


III. Presentation Etiquette

• Your role as a speaker

• Visual Impact for Speakers

• Learn the value of gestures and body movements

• Emotional versus Intellectual connection with audience

• Qualities of a charismatic speaker


IV. Final Presentation

• Preparing for Presentation

• Final Presentation


Who should attend

Anyone who gives presentations to small groups or large audiences:

• Management Meetings

• Sales Presentations

• Employee Presentations

• Briefings

• Conferences

• Public Speaking Engagements



• Mini Lecture

• Exercises and Drills

• Video Lessons

• Individual Presentation


Carina Tien has over 20 years of corporate experiences in various multinational companies. Her experience and exposure include customer relations, human resources, training & development, sales administration, secretarial, advertising and business development.

Carina is a Certified Corporate Trainer specializes in communication skills training and an expert in voice coaching. Her areas of focus include Business Etiquette, Problem Solving, Conflict Management, Interpersonal Skills, Assertive Skills, Goal Setting and Personal Effectiveness, Customer Service and Handling Difficult People/Customers. She has conducted numerous workshops for both MNCs and SMEs in the past years and had been interviewed in the media such as Singapore’s News Radio 93.8 Live and Pop Radio Station 933. Carina also contributes articles to the Straits Times Career Guide.

A powerful presenter, Carina takes keen interest in research and development of workshops, keeping in mind participants’ various organizational behaviours and work habits. Her conviction with regard to potential in every human being to excel beyond his imagination is very strong and forms the basis of her training. The key to success is the belief in ourselves. She evokes a positive self-response within individuals so that they start believing in their own capabilities. It gives her immense pleasure to witness her audience’s paradigm shift during and after the workshops. Her mission in life is to assist individuals to flourish and progress even during extreme stress and adverse circumstances and to be a source of positivity and inspiration for the community and colleagues around them.

Carina has a Degree in Business & Human Resource Management. She also has Diplomas in Communication Studies, Advertising, Business Administration, Image Consulting, and in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), as well as a Professional Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a Certificate in Practical Counseling as well as an Advanced Certificate In Training & Assessment (ACTA).

Carina is a Certified Master Life Coach and NLP Practitioner and is effectively bilingual in English, Mandarin and local dialects.

Administrative Details:

Scheduled Dates

• 6 August 2019  (2nd Run)


• S$ 450 per participant

• S$ 400 per participant for 2 participants from the same organisation

• S$ 350 per participant for 3 or more participants from the same organisation


• 9 am - 5 pm


• Skills Connect WDA Reference CRS-N-0000518.

• Skills Future Credit for Self-Sponsored Singaporeans aged 25 and above.


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the workshop.


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Buffet lunch with vegetarian & halal options


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