While there are various different reasons for companies to exist either as a private limited company, or a public listed company, a public listed company offers an unique value proposition to  its ‘employees’ who have put in relentless effort to run & manage the company successfully. Such value proposition is to reward the core management team through wealth creation after successful IPO, which is unlikely to be the case, if the company remains to be a private limited company.

The journey towards IPO is therefore challenging, but rewarding as well, as it is just the starting point for value enhancement.

Understanding of IPOs will encourage and motivate the core team under the leadership of senior management to embark on a journey of excellence and run a sustainable profitable company with a greater transparency and accountability.


(Face-to-face training with safe distancing and precautionary measures undertaken at our hotel venues which are certified SG Clean. We will continue to adopt a small class size for all our courses)

Course Details:



• To understand the pros and cons of private limited company vs public listed company.


• To appreciate why IPO is a wealth creation process, not just for the founders, but the key management staff.


• To learn the various listing rules of Singapore Stock Exchange.


• To learn the disclosure & other requirements for listing purpose in Singapore Stock Exchange.


• To understand why some public listed companies being reprimanded by Stock Exchange.


• To learn how to prepare for a successful IPO.


• To learn how 'employees share option scheme' (ESOS) works.


• As an alternative to Singapore listing, to learn secondary listings in UK 'AIM' board and China.


• To learn when and why company decided to be delisted after IPO.  


• To learn how successful company works.


• T​o learn various relevant terminologies, terms used & its implication-market cap, liquidity, impairment, window dressing etc.


I. What are the minimum requirements to be listed -Financial & regulatory

• SGX main board

• Catalist


II. Roles of various parties 

• Management team

• Auditor

• Lawyer

• Banker

• Underwriter


III. Risk management framework

• Why important to have enterprise risk management in place?

• SGX requirements


IV. Process & certain important documentation

• How to kick off the IPO process

• Prospectus


V. Duty & obligation

• After listing


VI. Stock Exchanges in UK/China 

• Dual listing

• UK ‘ AIM’ board

• China- Shanghai/Beijing


VII. Employee ​Shares ​O​ption ​S​cheme​ ​(ESOS) ​


VIII. What investors or potential investors are looking for in a new IPO company?

• ROE Return on equity

• Free cash flow

• Dividend yield

• Growth



IX. Case ​S​tudy​ ​- IPO in 12 months from idea to IPO?


X. Latest trend and updates

• SGX RegCo- Singapore Exchange Regulation

• ​ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Bitcoin (digital currency)

• Disclosure framework


XI. Case study on company delisting


XII. Prospect of investing in equity/shares vs. other asset class

Who should attend

• Board members

• CEO, chief executive officer

• COO, chief operating officer

• CFO, chief financial officer

• Accountant

• Key management team consisting of 

- Production director/manager
- Human Resource director/manager
- MIS manager
- Marketing director/manager
- Head of engineering department
- Material director
- Purchasing manager
- Production control manager/officer



• Presentation

• Case studies

• Discussion


Seow Sin Leng has 40 years of working experience in small & medium size manufacturing firms locally & regionally. His roles involve mainly in finance, human resources, due diligence for M&A , management. The industries cover shipbuilding & repairing, paper products, printed circuits boards assembly (PCBA), equipment build,  monitor, liquid crystal displays (LCD) and printed circuit board (PCB). As CFO and senior management , he involved IPO ( Initial public offer) of a company for  listing in the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Included in the 40 years was a 5-year overseas experience in China (Shenzhen, Suzhou, Changshu), HK, Taiwan, and Thailand as regional finance manager.
Towards later part of his career, Sin Leng worked as part-time management consultant to a 3-party joint venture manufacturing company in Shanghai. His role involved reviewing monthly financials to highlight & suggest areas for improvement; working with local management team to improve performance through enhancing existing capabilities and building new capabilities.
As head of human resource department in a company he worked before, he conducted in-house training  for employees, these cover topics such as performance management, finance for non-financial personnel, enterprise risk management, scenario planning, etc.
Sin Leng holds a Bachelor of Accountancy degree from then the University of Singapore, pursued and completed Executive MBA program from NUS, and attended ‘Future China Advanced Leadership Programme’ jointly organized by NTU business school and Business China. In addition, He also holds a Professional diploma in Training & Development."

Administrative Details:

Scheduled Dates

• Date to be advised  (2nd Run)


• S$ 450 per participant

• S$ 400 per participant for 2 or more participants from the same organisation

Duration / Venue

• 9 am - 5 pm

• Hotel seminar room


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning breaks

• Lunch will be provided


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the workshop.


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