Building Self-Esteem and Building Positive Relationships


Self-esteem is about how we see ourselves. Self-esteem enables us to be robust despite failures and down times. Good self-esteem also enables us to establish positive relationships at home; at workplace as well as within the community we live. Having positive relationship makes it easier for us to achieve our goals and allow us to share joy, happiness and love. This seminar examines the importance of building positive self-esteem, which will enhance communication skills as well as strategies to resolve conflicts without damaging interpersonal relationships.


I. Understanding Self-Esteem

• What is Self-Esteem?

• How Self-Esteem Develops

• Negative Self-Evaluations

• Powerful Affirmation

• Steps to Improving Your Self-Esteem


II. Building positive relationship in workplace

• Work Habits Inventory – Human Characters

• The Art of Being Assertive


III. Managing Emotional Intelligence

• Resolving Conflict

• Emotional Intelligence