Improve your conflict resolution skills with a heightened ability to manage conflicts in the workplace.


Conflict is part of life. It happens when goals, values, needs and wants of two or more people are different and in opposition. Sometimes, conflict can be resolved amicably and professionally but more often, conflicts lead to finger pointing, fault finding, anxiety, anger, bitterness and frustration. If left unmanaged, conflicts can cause long term damage at the workplace, wrecks marriages, jolts friendships, shatters morale, creates enemies and negative feelings that amount to waste of time and money. Even the strongest of individuals can be crippled of energy, emotion and time.

Effective conflict management should be practised as soon as a problem occurs and not wait to be settled tomorrow and we’ll show you how!

Course Details:



• Understanding yourself and your trigger points

• Adapting your “Style” to the situation

• Expressing your emotions tactfully

• Looking at a situation with a broader mind

• Handling conflict with a calm and fair approach

• Feeding the solution not the problem

• Different types of conflicts and how to handle them

• Turning conflicts into discussions

• Ability to see the hot buttons and suppressing the problem before it starts

• Creating a win-win in achieving resolution

• Getting to the core of the problem

• Bringing closure to unresolved conflict


I. Introduction to Conflict Resolution

• What is Conflict?

• What is Conflict Resolution?


II. What causes conflict?

• The process that leads to conflict

• Trigger points leading to conflict

• Finding out your trigger points (Discussion)

• What’s your personality? (Personality Test)

• Adapting your “Style” to the situation


III. Different types of Conflicts

• What are the different types of conflicts? (Case studies)

• How to spot the hot buttons that trigger conflict (Discussion)

• Suppressing the problem before it happens or from escalating


IV. Turning conflicts into discussions

• Setting the right environment

• Choosing the right time and space

• Neutralizing emotions with the correct use of words (Discussion)

• What do “You” want and what do “We” want? (Self Reflection)

• Coming to common grounds


V. Establishing a calm and fair approach

• Stress-relieving techniques (Exercises)

• Breathing Techniques

• Positive thinking methods


VI. Getting to the core of the conflict

• Examining root causes that caused the conflict

• Looking at the root problem with a broader mind

• Finding a win-win solution

• Importance of forgiveness


VII. Generating multiple options (Group work)

• Digging deeper into the possible options

• Coming up with a few strong options


VIII. Finding solutions to the conflict

• Choosing the best solutions through the evaluation process

• Steps to derive to the best solution


IX. Evaluation Process

• Create your action plan

• Individual step process


X. Coming to an agreement

• The building of a stronger partnership/relationship

• Bringing closure to unresolved conflicts

Who should attend

• HR, Sales and Customer Service Personnel; Supervisors, Managers and Executives who need to deal with conflict situations.



• Presentation
• Exercises
• Case studies
• Discussion


Benefits of Attending This Course

• This Conflict Management Course will give you the tools to help you deal with difficult situations and people productively and effectively.


What questions this training programme provides answers to:

• What causes conflicts?
• What are the different types of conflicts?
• How do I detect the trigger points?
• How do I think fairly and calmly?
• How do I know that I have derived at the best solution?
• What are the steps to help me achieve the best solutions?
• How do I forgive and have a stronger partnership?


Kay Nalla has dedicated 18 years of her life training staff and colleagues on customer service, personal grooming and make-up and selling techniques while performing her managerial duties in the sales and marketing field. Her love and passion to interact with people propelled her to work in travel agencies, various hotels (F&B, room sales & banquet), The Singapore Changi Airport and well established spas like Clarins, Haach and Bonafides.

Kay’s responsibilities include managing all aspects from recruiting new staff, training them to their best potential, implementing effective promotions to accomplish the sales revenue for the outlet, managing customer’s needs and wants and also holding talks for the clients on various beneficial topics including body language, active listening skills and more. Her extensive experience and knowledge in the hospitality arena coupled with her genuine desire to share has made her a much sought after speaker.

Kay was invited to hold talks and conduct workshops for government bodies, country clubs, hospitals, banks, spas and other sectors including Singapore Police Force, Singapore Girl’s Home, Singapore Changi Prison, Panasonic, Rendezvous Hotel and more.

Kay is a MOE approved and certified ACTA trainer. She holds a Diploma in Travel and Ticketing (IATA/UFTAA), Diploma in Aesthetics (Beauty), NITEC in Face Care, LCCI in Marketing and possesses a Certificate for Personal Grooming. She was also awarded a Super host Certificate from The Singapore Tourism Board.

Administrative Details:

Scheduled Dates

• 25 October 2024  (7th Run)


• S$ 450 per participant

• S$ 400 per participant for 2 or more participants from the same organisation

Duration / Venue

• 9 am - 5 pm

• Hotel seminar room


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Lunch will be provided


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the workshop.


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    Past Participants:

    Past Participants' Comments

    • "Trainer (Kay) is very engaging, techniques are very relevant and easy to apply!"

    • "Well planned & well executed" - Lim Zheng Bung, Singapore Polytechnic

    • "Conflict management techniques are useful" - Surattenah Bte Mohamed Arsad, Darul Makmur Mosque

    • "Understanding the cause of conflicts & personality test are useful" - Muhammad Hamzah, Darul Makmur Mosque

    • "Learning the conflict solving techniques which we can apply at work" - Perry Tan, Siltronic Singapore Pte Ltd

    Past Participant Organisations

    • Amphenol FCI Connectors Singapore Pte Ltd, AB Vista Asia Pte Ltd, ANZ Banking Group Limited

    • Bertschi Singapore Pte Ltd, British American Tobacco Singapore Pte Ltd

    • Chemical Specialties (S) Pte Ltd

    • Darul Makmur Mosque

    • Health Promotion Board

    • Medi Rad Associates Ltd

    • National Youth Council

    • Omron Asia Pacific

    • Siltronic Singapore, Scoot, Singapore Polytechnic, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ), Singapore Pools (Private) Limited, Singapore Pools (Private) Limited, SMM Pte Ltd, SoftwareONE Pte Ltd, ST Engineering Management Services Pte Ltd

    • Tripartite Alliance Limited, The American Club