As China continues to play a prominent role in international business, understanding how to conduct business in China is a prerequisite to success. Yet, few business leaders and even senior professionals actually understand China.

This one-day program provides participants with the critical and essential tools to understanding how to do business in China through a combination of subject-specific areas and various business practices. It is designed for business professionals who are interested in learning about China, seeking partnerships or making investment in China.

Participants who attend the DBIC program can look forward to have an unforgettable sharing experience and gain skills that will equip them for business success!

Course Details:



• To find in-depth, practical advice on the most common issues that is faced by companies doing business in China.


• To have a thorough understanding from essential operational considerations to legal matters, HR due diligence, Chinese culture and leadership.


• To provide an excellent reference for any business looking to export to China for the first time.


• To understand Chinese organization leadership and management style.


• To understand what the challenges and opportunities and to help identify the regions of most relevance to your business.


I. China, the country and the people 

• Providing a comprehensive but brief description of China.

• Some key aspects of Chinese people’s values which are of relevance to the experiences of doing business in China.


II. Doing Business and Managing People

• Focus on how to manage the people aspect of doing business in China.

• Learn through discussion, case studies on Chinese employees’ values and behaviors.

• Sharing of first-hand experience and shed light on what it means to manage Chinese employees and to do business (whether in collaborative or negotiation) in China.


III. Leadership in Chinese Business Firms

• Focus on China’s unique management practices and how business leaders in China share these distinct perspectives.

• The Chinese founder-manager’s belief that he or she will need to build almost everything from basic skills in recruitment, dealing with suppliers and Government relations, capital sources etc.

• A Confucian preference for simple organizational structures, with everyone reporting to the top. Understanding the radically different management techniques and practices in China organizations.


IV. Business Practices in the Cultural and Social Contexts

• Understanding eastern and western thinking patterns – it is important to realize that one of the more subtle aspects of culture and business etiquette has to do with the way one thinks.

• Presents some of the differences between how the Chinese and the Western individuals think about culture and values.

• Learn the importance of business customs (or avoid blowing a business deal), elements of Chinese business etiquette, Chinese business practices and cultural resources.


V. China, Challenge and Opportunity

• Understand that China is not just one market.


Who should attend

Managers, Business Leaders, Executive Leadership Team, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners who are keen to know about China and doing business in China.



• Interactive activities

• Adopt reflecting learning process

• Skills practice with exercises

• Use of real-life case studies that are industry-relevant

• Practical usage to ensure immediate transfer of knowledge


Benefits of Attending This Course

• To prepare for doing business in China

• Localizing value propositions

• Understanding the Chinese culture, thinking and behaviors

• To understand the opportunities and challenges in China

• Have a better idea how to manage local Chinese team

• Able to build a positive relationship quickly

• Understand China’s unique management practice

• Raise the awareness on broader cultural issues

• Insight into the business aspects of China


Elaine Zhou brings over ten years of experience in business strategy, organization transformation, human capital, talent management and leadership development. She has worked with leading organizations across Asia in a broad range of industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, retail and servicing sectors.

Elaine has designed and presented hundreds of training programs for community leaders, executive and youth leadership groups, business owners, staff, and volunteers. Her programs are designed to improve operations and relations within organizations, as well as prepare organization to attract and retain quality businesses.

Elaine’s specific skills include leadership capability development, speaking for influence, high performing team development and professional facilitation, the design and delivery of training programs, coaching and speaking. She trains and coaches regionally in China, Singapore and Malaysia. Some of her esteem and regular clients include HST Medical Group, Great Eastern Singapore, State Grid Corporation China (SGCC), Beijing Normal University, Drake International, CK Tang, SMART Investment Expo.
Elaine holds a Bachelor of degree in Business Management from Nanchang Institute of Technology (China).

Administrative Details:

Scheduled Dates

• Date to be advised - 1st Run


• S$ 450 per participant

• S$ 400 per participant for 2 participants from the same organisation

• S$ 350 per participant for 3 or more participants from the same organisation


• 9 am - 5 pm


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Buffet lunch with vegetarian & halal options



A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the workshop.


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