“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It his helping them to learn, rather than teaching them”   – Timothy Gallwell

It has been increasingly essential for Leaders and Managers to be Coaches and adopt coaching as a leadership style to boost their people effectiveness. Through Performance Coaching, leaders and managers can inspire and develop individuals to reach their goals, performance outcomes and potential. When the people are successful by unleashing excellent performance and potential, the leader becomes successful.

Rather than giving a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!  Coaching increases the effectiveness of the leaders by helping their people to develop and grow.  Instead of your people being reactive and depend on you to solve issues, when you coach your people, it will enable them to think and be proactive to go the extra-mile to contribute ideas and solutions. During coaching, you and your coachees can co-identify the issues, set mutually agreed goals, expectations and outcomes, discover the strengths and areas for improvement, co-create and commit the action plans.

In a multi-generational workforce, especially for the millennials, ongoing informal and formal coaching conversations and development sessions are critical to make employees feel engaged and motivated to contribute to the organisation and the department. Coaching also motivates your people to perform their best and unleash their potential in terms of skill development and career development.

Course Details:



• Identify the overall purpose and benefits of a coaching as a leadership style in the 21st century.

• Acquire essential coaching techniques; having a coaching mind, asking effective coaching questions, listening.

• Apply a Structured Coaching framework for various work situations.

• Use coaching as a form of career conversations and development.

• Provide positive and constructive feedback that ignite passion and motivation

Who should attend

• Executives; Supervisors; Assistant Managers; Managers.



• Presentation
• Exercises
• Case studies
• Discussion


I. Foundations of Coaching

• Identify the purpose and benefits of coaching to be an effective leader and manager in a multi-generational workforce

• Understand the role of a coach and the goals of coaching

• Identify situations when you need to coach our staff

• Debunk the common myths of coaching- what is coaching and what is not coaching

• Understand the importance of timely and regular career coaching “Career conversations”


II. Essential Coaching Skills and Techniques

• Apply positive coaching mindset, listening skills and positive body language

• Practice the type of coaching questions, how and when to use these questions

• Discover ways to prepare yourself and structure an effective career coaching session

• Apply the Structured coaching framework


III. Coaching Framework

• Practice the various coaching questions and phases of the coaching framework

• Finalize the coaching commitment, follow-up actions and timeline

• End the coaching session positively


IV. Coaching Framework (Practical session)

• Practice real-life coaching through role plays that depict work situations various staff personalities and levels of performance ie. Under performing staff, staff with high potential, coaching multi-generational profile of staff.

• Provide feedback, observations and improvements from the coaching experience.


V. Giving Feedback and Competencies Development

• Apply “informal –coaching” and feedback sessions regularly

• Overcome challenging and negative coachees.

• Identify ways to provide positive and constructive feedback to your staff.

• Provide useful feedback on competencies development as part of career coaching.

• Ignite passion through Appreciation & Motivation.


VI. What’s next after coaching?

• Identify the roles of the leader in supporting the coaching commitment and action plan.

• Identify ways to help the coachee to achieve the coaching goal(s) and outcomes.


Jasmine Liew has 16 years of Human Resource experience specializing in Human Resource Development, Organisation Development, Change Management, Leadership-Management Training, Process Facilitation, Performance and Career Coaching.

Her span of experience ranges from the Civil Service - Singapore Land Authority, International Enterprise Singapore, National Healthcare Group, MNCs-Panasonic and Dairy Farm South Asia and the Private Sector - Certis CISCO and PSA. She was the former Head of Organization Development for PSA and also, oversees the Learning and Development departments of organisations that she worked with previously.

Jasmine is currently an Organisation Learning & Development Consultant that specializes in change management, employee engagement, appreciation at work, high performing team, performance and career coaching, emotional intelligence and process facilitation.

In PSA and Certis CISCO, Jasmine had initiated a Coaching Culture, designed and conducted customized Coaching Programs for leaders and managers to effectively coach and provide useful feedback at work. She had coached Leaders, Manager, Professionals and High Potentials to stretch their abilities and potential to be an effective Leader and Manager and thus, achieve greater work performance.

More than 3,000 regional participants, including C-Suite and Department Heads have attended the training programs conducted by Jasmine for the past 9 years. Beyond Singapore, Jasmine has conducted training in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and India.

Jasmine holds a Masters in Education & HRD at the George Washington University USA and a Bachelor of Arts from The National University of Singapore.

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• S$ 450 per participant

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• 9 am - 5 pm


• PIC Claimable for Company Sponsored Participants.



A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the workshop.


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Buffet lunch with vegetarian & halal options


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