Understanding and skills of effective writing and presentation


People do judge a book by its cover. What more tangible yardsticks than when they read your written messages and/or hear your presentations. Hence, effective writing and presentation are essential as fuzziness might bring about misunderstanding, misinterpretation and worse still, legal complications, often without obtaining the desired outcomes.

Effective writing and presentation skills are learnable, however, a one-off good piece of writing or presentation is not what we aim for. The objective is to turn good writing and presentation skills into good habits, and to do that these skills must be applied to every message written or every presentation crafted until they become automatic.

This two-day workshop will equip participants with the understanding and skills of effective writing and presentation with plenty of exercises and reinforcements.

(Face-to-face training with safe distancing and precautionary measures undertaken at our hotel venues which are certified SG Clean. We will continue to adopt a small class size for all our courses)

Course Details:



• Appreciate the benefits of good writing and presentation and the potential implications of unclear writing and presentation.

• Case study the negative impact on business results with cross-cultural fiascos.

• Learn the steps to effective writing and presentation and the factors that can affect the effectiveness of both.

• Have hands-on practice in writing emails, routine letters, policies, newsletter captions, letters with good/bad news, “board papers”/proposals, etc.

• Have hands-on practice in preparing and making effective presentation of proposals, project findings, suggestions, etc. with confidence.

Who should attend

• Corporate Executives and Managers who need to write and present to their management/internal parties or external parties.

• Anyone who wish to improve their writing and presentation skills.


Day 1 - Effective Writing

I. The Importance of effective writing

• the positives and the negatives.


II. Cross-cultural fiascos

• examples of fiascos’ impact on business results.


III. Steps to effective writing

• Identify the Purpose.

• Choose the Method.

• Identify the Readers to address.

• Make the Outline.

• Make the First draft.

• Revise.


IV. Tone

• For positive and negative messages.

• Confidence; sincerity; non-discriminatory.

• Appropriate level of language.


V. Conciseness

• Avoiding wordiness


VI. Style

• Your independent voice.

• Appropriate to topic and audience.

• Appropriate level of language.


VII. Some grammatical errors even native English speakers and news anchors make.


VIII. Salutation rules for proper protocol


Day 2 - Effective Presentation

I. The Importance of effective presentation

• the positives and the negatives.


II. The Human Element : Style

• The Voice.

- Volume/Tone
- Pitch
- Pace
- Colour
- Methods to improve voice


• Speech Pattern.

- Habits
- Accent


• Body language.

- Eye contact
- Facial expressions
- Gestures
- Posture/Body orientation
- Proximity
- Voice variation


• Active Listening.

- Active listening vs Passive listening
- Some active listening traits


• Nerves.

- What it can do
- How to control it


III. Planning the presentation

• Formulate a strategy.

• Develop a flexible flowing structure.

• Work out an enhancing, not distracting Presentation Style.

• Supplement presentation with confident, informed responses to
questions and challenges.



IV. Using visual aids effectively

• Purpose.

• Text.

• Graphs.

• Be careful.


V. Practice Makes Perfect

• Delivery.

• Timing.


VI. Summary/Q&A



Kay Nalla has dedicated 18 years of her life training staffs and colleagues on customer service, personal grooming and make up and selling techniques while performing her managerial duties in the sales and marketing field. Her love and passion to interact with people propelled her to work in travel agencies, various hotels (F&B, room sales & banquet), The Singapore Changi Airport and well established spas like Clarins, Haach and Bonafides.

Kay’s responsibilities include managing all aspects from recruiting new staffs, training them to their best potential, implementing effective promotions to accomplish the sales revenue for the outlet, managing customer’s needs and wants and also holding talks for the clients on various beneficial topics including body language, active listening skills and more. Her extensive experience and knowledge in the hospitality arena coupled with her genuine desire to share has made her a much sought after speaker.

Kay was invited to hold talks and conduct workshops for government bodies, country clubs, hospitals, banks, spas and other sectors including Singapore Police Force, Singapore Girl’s Home, Singapore Changi Prison, Panasonic, Rendezvous Hotel and more.

Kay is a MOE approved and certified ACTA trainer. She holds a Diploma in Travel and Ticketing (IATA/UFTAA), Diploma in Aesthetics (Beauty), NITEC in Face Care, LCCI in Marketing and possesses a Certificate for Personal Grooming. She was also awarded a Super host Certificate from The Singapore Tourism Board.

Administrative Details:


• Date to be advised  (2nd Run)

Duration / Venue

• 2 Days

• 9 am - 5 pm

• Hotel seminar room


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the workshop.


• S$750 per participant

• S$700 per participant for 2 participants from the same organisation


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Buffet lunch with vegetarian & halal options


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