Effective Time Management and Work-Life Balance


Do you ever ask, "What have I done today?" Do you start the day with high hopes for accomplishing your goals but leave the workday feeling you didn't accomplish anything? Well it's time to take back control of your day and accomplish more with your time. This seminar gives you the basic and yet practical time management techniques for managing time and making it work for you


I. Understanding Time Management

• Why is Time Management necessary?

• Essential habits for good time management

• Tools for Time Management


II. Setting SMART Goals

• Know your values and strengths

• Steps in Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals


III. Barriers to effective Time Management

• Procrastination

• Paralyzing perfectionism

• Setting unchallenging objectives


IV. Effective Time Management

• Eliminate Time Wasters

• Prioritization


VI. What balance means to an individual

• Understanding the Wheel of Life

• Identify areas of unbalance


VII. Stress Management

• What Causes Stress?

• Symptoms and Triggers of Stress

• Techniques to manage and reduce stress