Handling Difficult People at Work


Dealing with difficult people, conflict and workplace stress negatively affect 55 per cent of working Singaporeans. This seminar gives you the tools to transform conflict into a springboard for positive change at work and beyond. Participants will learn basic concepts and skills to deal with conflict in healthy ways.


I. Communication Within Your Team

• Understanding Empathy

• The Art of Listening

• Enhancing Work Relations

• Benefits of Good Work Relation

• Improving Internal Customer Relations

• Team Bonding

• Facilitate Effective Team Work

• Valuing Diversity at the Interpersonal Level


II. Handling Difficult People in the Workplace

• Understanding Behaviours

• Know the Types of Difficult People


III. Conflict Management Techniques

• Advantages and Disadvantages of Resolving Conflicts

• Conflict Resolution Strategies

• Factors that affect the conflict modes

• Discrepancy Assertion