This course ensures that your organisation demonstrates compliance by ensuring data protection policies and staff training are in place


The new enhanced Personal Data Protection Act took effect from 1 February 2021.

The enhancements will strengthen organisational accountability and consumer protection while giving organisations the confidence to harness personal data for innovation.

With effect from 1 Feb 2021, the main enhancements are:

  • Mandatory Data Breach Notification
  • Introduction of offences concerning mishandling of personal data by individuals.
  • Expansion of consent framework

The PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) is a data protection law that comprises of various rules governing the collection, usage, disclosure and protection of personal data. It recognises the rights of an individual to protect their personal data from misuse, including rights to access and correction of personal data.

As respective stakeholders often handle and come across customers, visitors and employees personal data, it is critical they understand how the PDPA can affect their work and policies. Thus, it is important to review and re-evaluate existing policies and processes to align with the Act.

Key functions include Sales and Marketing, Operations, Human Resource, IT, Finance, Logistics, Workplace Safety and Health, Compliance and more must ensure compliance of the PDPA, if they collect, use and or share employees’/ potential employees’ data.

Though it is essential to utilise these personal data for specific purpose/s, other obligations such as protection and retention must be adhered to. Any breach of the PDPA provision will attract both criminal and or civil action taken against the organisation and or individual. Hence it is important that organisation demonstrate compliance by ensuring data protection policies and staff training are in place.

All companies operating in Singapore must comply with the PDPA and demonstrate that they have appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) or a DPO team and that they are trained in the PDPA Act. Participants attending this workshop will receive the Certificates of Attendance as a proof that they have undergone PDPA training.

Course Details:



• List the Key obligations of PDPA

• List key Do Not Call (DNC) provisions

• Interpret key exemptions of PDPA

• Reflect on the implications of PDPA on respective departments

• Identify and/or review existing practices/processes to ensure compliance to PDPA


I. Segment 1

• Introduction to PDPA

• Applications of the PDPA and Compliance

• Implications of breaching the PDPA

• Key obligations of the PDPA


II. Segment 2

• DNC Provisions

• Checking the DNC Registry

• Exemptions under Schedule 2 of PDPA


III. Segment 3

• The implication of PDPA and your department

• Rules on using NRIC Numbers

• Conducting Data Inventory for your department

• Review of the Data Collection Process

• Roles and Responsibilities of Stakeholders to stay in compliance with PDPA

• Engaging Third Parties and Data Intermediaries

• Managing Data Breaches

• Data Breach Management Plan

• Assessing Risk and Impact of Data Breaches

• PDPA Risk Matrix

Who should attend

• Managers, Administrators, Executives, Data Protection Officer.



The facilitator of this workshop will incorporate various learning methods, including discussion on industry examples, interactive exercises and activities, and sharing of real PDPA cases.



Leslie Lim stands at the forefront of the fastest moving adult education industry. He spent the past five years transforming behaviours and mindset of his participants, providing them with a set of attributes to enhance and excel in their undertakings.

Being an assiduous adult educator, Leslie has championed the significance of continuous learning to his consumer customers; he has been awarded top 10 associate trainers by the Singapore Institute of Retail Studies in the year 2014.

Following his passion in adult education, Leslie embarked onto consultancy works and training in Personal Data Protection Act. Leslie conducts PDPA compliance assessment/ training with businesses, review and provides follow up and corrective measures to his clientele to ensure compliance with the PDPA. Managing PDPA compliance is cross-functional, and hence Leslie is familiar with processes of HR, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Administration, IT, Facility & Security.

Some of the organisation that has been trained by Leslie include The Polyolefin Company, Sumitomo Groups of Companies, One Degree 15 Marina Club, The Tanglin Club, Laguna Golf & Country Club, Best Denki, Richemont Luxury, The Chevron Club, Raffles Marina Club, Hotel Royal @ Queens, Metta Welfare Association, Sincere Watch Group, C Melchers, A*Star.

Throughout his 9-years tenure with Mobil Oil/ ExxonMobil, Leslie has built a reputation for achieving business objectives, incubating new operational models. Besides meeting sales objectives, he is also primarily responsible for hiring & recruitment, training & development, execution of workplace safety and health policies & procedures and loss prevention system.

Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, Leslie is offered the opportunity to move on to the management of Cheers Holding (a subsidiary of FairPrice) in 2007. He held the position of Area Manager, where his leadership is further extended to the responsibilities of guidance and supervision of clusters of convenience stores.

Leslie holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Entrepreneurship and Management. He has also attained the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment.

Administrative Details:

Scheduled Dates

• 28 August 2024  (9th Run)

Course Fee

• S$ 450 per participant

• S$ 400 per participant for 2 or more participants from the same organisation

Duration / Venue

• 9 am - 5 pm

• Hotel seminar room


• SSG/Skills Future Reference TGS-2018500614.

• For Company Sponsored - Net Payable Fee After SSG Training Grant: S$436

• For Self-Sponsored - SkillsFuture Credit Can Be Used (Singaporeans aged 25 and above).

• UTAP Funding is available for NTUC Union Members ($250 or $500 for those aged 40 and above for courses attended between 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2025).


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the workshop.


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Lunch will be provided


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    (65) 6337-7516 or 6338-8487, 9 am to 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays

    Past Participants:

    Past Participants' Comments

    • "The examples were very useful to better understand the topic. Trainer is very knowledgeable and approachable!" - Brandon – ST Electronics (e-Services) Pte Ltd

    • "Leslie is very well informed and his presentation is very easy to understand and follow. It was a lively session!"

    Past Participant Organisations

    • 4Fingers Pte Ltd

    • A*Star, ASML Singapore Pte Ltd, Allshores Corporate Services Pte Ltd, Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church (TRAC)

    • Beautehub International Pte Ltd, Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled

    • Cornerstone Community Church, Community Psychology Hub

    • DAI-DAN Co.,Ltd, Delimax Pte Ltd, Darul Makmur Mosque

    • EagleBurgmann KE Pte. Ltd, Eng Lee Engineering Pte Ltd

    • Freshmart Singapore Pte Ltd, First Security & Pte Investigation (S) Pte Ltd, Fluke South East Asia Pte Ltd

    • Gardens by the Bay, GPC Avic Pte Ltd, Groz-Beckert East Asia LLP

    • Hauni Singapore Pte Ltd

    • Masjid Darul Makmur, MINDEF/SAF, Metta School, MGC Pure Chemicals Singapore Pte Ltd

    • Navig8 Asia Pte Ltd

    • Oiltanking Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    • PM-International Headquarters Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    • Safran Landing Systems Services Singapore Pte. Ltd, Sanden International Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore Children's Society, SOFEC Floating Systems Pte Ltd, Singapore Valve & Fitting Pte Ltd, Singapura Finance Ltd, ST Electronics (e-Services) Pte Ltd

    • The Edge Property Pte Ltd, TPSC Asia Pte Ltd, Tokyo Gas Asia Pte Ltd, Taiyo Yuden (Singapore) Pte Ltd

    • Vinum Holdings Pte Ltd

    • Whye Keong Pte Ltd, Worldhotels AG

    • Yoshinoya (s) Pte Ltd