Projecting a Professional Image for Career and Business Success


It is important for us to be easily recognized, likable and trusted in a short period of time during business networking, meeting with clients or at work. To reach this goal, we need to have an image that reflects our best qualities and communicate who we are. This seminar gives you some basic guidelines on how you can be who you are and be respected by others at a professional level.


I. Importance of Your Image at Work

• Image & You

• Importance of First Impressions

• Why You Need Project a Good & Professional Image

• How to Avoid Image Destroyers for Men & Ladies

• Personal Grooming Habits for Men & Ladies

• Self-Esteem VS Appearance


II. Building Career Wardrobe

• Achieving a Perfect Fit

• Building a Stylish Wardrobe


III. Use Colors for Best Visual Impact

• Create a Visual Impact with Colors

• Learn the Psychology of Colors

• Wearing Appropriate Colors to Enhance Your Role

• Using Colors to Influence Your Customers’ Buying Behavior


IV. Etiquette in Business Communication

• Telephone Etiquette with customer

• Etiquette in Business Letter Writing

• Business Networking and Meeting Etiquette


V. Business Dinning Manners & Etiquette

• Business Entertaining

• Dining Manners and Etiquette