Power Speech and Presentation


This seminar is designed to enable participants to communicate with confidence, speak with style and present with power. This seminar allows participants to fully utilize their vocal instrument to its maximum. All participants will have their chance to engage in fun exercises throughout the program.


I. Your voice and Communication

• The Communication Process

• Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication


II. Vocal Projection

• Basic Understanding of the Voice Instrument

• Fundamentals of Sound Production


III. Vowels and Consonants

• Vowels and consonants in presentation

• How to deliver a smooth tonal initiation

• Correct posture for a perfect tone


IV. Presentation Etiquette

• Common mistakes make by speakers

• Creating Mood and Feeling of Your Audience When Giving a Speech

• Learn the value of gestures and body movements

• Overcoming stage fright

• Presentation Etiquette


V. Presentation Preparation

• Planning and organizing presentation materials

• Effectively use presentation aids

• Tips in preparing visual aids

• Guide to facilitate question and answer session