Are you able to recharge yourself effectively – and still keep your sanity at work? Every other day, pressures come from all directions. You are simply expected to be on top of everything you face at work. Bosses and colleagues alike simply expect you to get the job done – even if you are on extremely good talking terms with them.

More than just keeping yourself motivated – you need to master the art of recharging yourself effectively. You would be expected to stay on top of your job – and sufficiently rested and motivated to do all that you are needed to at the workplace.

This one day workshop introduces to you specific skills for you to recharge yourself physically and emotionally, take stock of what causes you stress and emotional breakdown, and shows you specific ways to reduce stress.

Course Details:



• Recognising the difference between stress and burn out, and take preventive measures.

• Learning specific skills to recharge yourself, and maintain your physical and emotional reserve.

• Discover specific stress relief techniques that you can use on high tension situations.

• Know what keeps you motivated, so you can get more done.

Benefits of attending this workshop

• Identify your emotional thresholds before things get out of control

• Know your hot buttons and what causes you to be positively charged up to perform better at work

• Master stress relief techniques that you can use everyday on yourself and your colleagues


I. Taking Inventory of your Emotional Health

• Understanding the different phases of emotional health – that affect your personal & work life.

• Recognise the signs of stress and emotional burn out. And take specific action.

• Honest questions that you can ask, to know if you are burn out.


II. Preventive Measures to Reduce Stress and Emotional Breakdown

• Defining the boundaries you need to put in place that reduce tension.

• Identify the objects, activities and people that cause you emotional stress.

• Knowing what to do when you work in a hostile environment.


III. Protecting your physical and emotional reserve

• Knowing your hot buttons, identify your strengths – so your time is maximize.

• Learning to be assertive without feeling guilty.


IV. Specific Ways to Recharge

• Knowing your language of appreciation.

• Specific stress relief technique and how you can use them.

• Planning your recharge activities.

Who should attend

Executives who want to learn immediately useable techniques to recharge themselves and protect their physical and emotional reserves.

What questions this training programme provides answer to

• What are the areas of my life that are causing me stress, and how can I avoid it?

• What are personal measures I can take if I work in a high tension environment?

• What are ways that I can maximize my emotional and physical reserves so that stress is well managed and reduced?


Adrian Tien has over a decades experience in sales and working with sales teams. Some of his experience include: Turning around tricky customer situations, Managing customer service and sales teams, Reducing staff complaints on their managers, etc.

He has also been rated among the best trainers at a regional level in more than 1 company.

A range of executives Adrian has trained for include Mandarin Hotel, Singapore Confederation of Industries, Warner Bros Home Video, Rolls Royce, DHL, Maersk Online, DBS Management, UBS Bank, Motorola, Jones Lang LaSalle, Hermis Epitek, Superskills Graphics, American RE Insurance, Prudential, Informatics Group, Ewing Communications, Synergi New Asia, MediaCorp, AU Systems, Keppel Insurance, CPG Laboratories, Tourism Board of Singapore, Singapore General Hospital, and etc

He is known for subjects that include: Stress Management, How to Be a Better Thinker, Innovator and Problem Solver at Work, Managing Anger before it Manages you, etc.

Adrian has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, specializing in journalism and advertising. His certification and experience includes topics such as: Leadership Effectiveness, Negotiating Win-Win solutions, Managing Performance Appraisal, etc.

Administrative Details:

Scheduled Dates

• Date to be advised - 1st Run


• S$ 450 per participant

• S$ 400 per participant for 2 participants from the same organisation

• S$ 350 per participant for 3 or more participants from the same organisation


• 9 am - 5 pm


• PIC Claimable for Company Sponsored Participants.


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the workshop.


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Buffet lunch with vegetarian & halal options


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