Conducting Team Briefing


The essence of team briefing is to channel corporate communications such as policies, strategies, operating performance, prospects, standards, behavioral issues, market conditions, corporate strengths and weaknesses etc, to all the staff in the organization. The team briefing process underlines the importance of the leader, raises morale and gives a sense of common purpose to the team. This seminar teaches you the basic skills of conducting effective team briefing.


I. Understanding Team Briefing

• Importance of team briefing

• Face to face communications

• 2 way process – Listening and responding


II. Mechanics of a Team Brief

• Purpose of team briefing

• Characteristics of Team Briefing

• The 4 Ps of Team Briefing


III. Conducting Team Briefing

• Objectives of Team Briefing

• Preparing the brief

• Being Briefed

• Presenting the brief