Telephone Techniques


Great telephone etiquette goes beyond a good voice and well-chosen words. It is a learned behavior and speech pattern that includes having a positive service attitude, empathy and skills in listening, questioning and negotiation. This seminar equips participants with the basic skills necessary to project a professional image of themselves and the organization over the telephone.


I. Your Telephone Voice

• Communication Skills

• Qualities of a Good Telephone Voice


II. Gaining your Client's Trust

• Create a Great First Impression

• Put your Customer at Ease

• Finding a Better Phrase

• End your Great Impression

• Ending a Call Politely and Professionally


III. Prepare Yourself

• Professional Handling of Incoming Calls

• Transferring Calls

• Taking Messages


IV. Effective Questioning

• Questioning Techniques

• Open and Closed Questions

• Questions to keep Control of the Call


V. Irate Clients

• Irate Clients

• The Challenge of Irate Clients

• How to Defuse Irate Clients