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September 2021

Communicating Effectively at Work

14 September 2021 - 3rd Run

This workshop addresses the core skills of what makes relating with people at work a rewarding and positive experience rather than a hindrance. The emphasis of the workshop is on sustainable and practical skills in real work situations, not mere theoretical concepts.

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Effective Email Writing Workshop

17 September 2021 - 8th Run 

Email is a widely used tool for business communications. The average office worker receives around 80 emails each day. This can cause tension, confusion, or other negative consequences for working professionals. So, how can you avoid your emails causing such a negative impact? And how can you write emails that get the results you want?

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Effective Facilitation Skills Workshop

21 September 2021 - 1st Run

This workshop will equip you with a good understanding of facilitation competencies, techniques and processes to facilitate with confidence, and plenty of practice sessions to develop effective facilitation skills.

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Enhanced PDPA Workshop

29 September 2021 - 8th Run 

The PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) is a data protection law comprises of various rules governing the collection, usage, disclosure and protection of personal data. It recognises the rights of an individual to protect their personal data from misuse, including rights to access and correction of personal data. Hence it is important that organisation demonstrate compliance by ensuring data protection policies and staff training are in place.

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Dealing With Customer Complaints Workshop

30 September 2021 - 6th Run

Most organizations receive complaints via telephone, email or letter and you need to respond to them. In order to be your organization’s customer service ambassador, you need to stay motivated and to be confident that you are dealing with customers as effectively and positively as possible. This one day course to build confidence in your ability to turn an angry complainer into a satisfied and loyal customer.

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October 2021

Effective Conflict Management Workshop

5 October 2021 - 3rd Run

Conflict is part of life. It happens when the goals, values, needs, and wants of two or more people are different and in opposition. Sometimes, conflict can be resolved amicably and professionally but more often, conflicts lead to finger-pointing, fault finding, anxiety, anger, bitterness, and frustration. Effective conflict management should be practiced as soon as a problem occurs and not wait to be settled tomorrow and we’ll show you how!

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Handling Difficult Customers Workshop

6 October 2021 - 8th Run

This one-day workshop will equip participants with the skills to understand challenging customer behaviors and deal with them effectively.

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Corporate Dressing & Personal Grooming for Success

14 October 2021 - 3rd Run

Personal grooming is not only a corporate requirement but also play a vital role in your personal and professional life. During this one day workshop, participants will learn how to improve their professional appearance at workplace and to create a positive and lasting impression.

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Art of Body Language Workshop

29 October 2021 - 5th Run

This workshop helps participants be aware of non-verbal cues and signals for effective communication with others.

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November 2021

Essential Supervisory Skills Workshop

5 November 2021 - 5th Run

This course provides you with strong leadership skills, like delegating tasks, leading teams, communicating effectively, giving feedback, problem-solving and decision making. You would have greater confidence in managing and motivating teams that achieve organizational goals and are engaged at work.

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Enterprise Risk Management Workshop

9 November 2021 - 3rd Run

In this workshop, participants will learn how to put ERM principles into practice. From an enterprise perspective, it is not just focusing on the downside of the risk, but weighing the probable rewards Vs cost or penalties as a business is to create and keep customers.

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Effective Time Management Workshop

17 November 2021 - 5th Run

A supervisor or manager needs to effectively manage a wide variety of tasks and people. Hence, it is essential to learn how to delegate tasks and projects to the staff effectively. This workshop will teach you how to achieve a balanced lifestyle through effective time management.

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